Partnerships and Alliances

IACC believes that the meetings industry’s contributions toward global productivity, such as technology advances, food and beverage, the environment and health and safety, should be extensive and broad reaching. In order to make significant progress on these issues, IACC partners with organisations around the globe to leverage our resources and capabilities along with those of our partners.

Current Partnerships and Alliances

International alliances and partnerships support the IACC strategic plan by engaging members and other professionals to advance the Association’s mission and address, through collaborations, many challenges facing the industry.

IACC may enter into a Global Partnership & Strategic Alliance to:

  • Generate opportunities for the creation and exchange of conference centre and related information;
  • Create and sustain educational networks;
  • Partner to advocate on global challenges where the Meetings Experience can provide solutions to better our industry;
  • Create opportunities for coordinated research and funding increases for the hospitality industry;
  • Further the positive image of conference venues on a global scale.

Who can partner with IACC?

IACC’s partners may include – but are not restricted to – other industry societies, organisations representing the industry through education and information sharing, peak industry associations, regional/global/intergovernmental organisations or other non-governmental organisations.

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